Day 1 – South Carolina

Jennica worked from the hotel on Friday while I drove all around the surrounding area visiting our sites. For the most part, that was uneventful. I did find that my guy for the area had not been doing as much as I thought he had. He won some sort of lottery and quit on the spot, so there wasn’t much I could do about it anymore. Enough about work…

We had dinner plans at Rick Erwin’s Nantucket Seafood at 7:15pm. If you know much about my eating habits, you will know I do not eat seafood. I managed to choke down my filet mignon, though, so I do not need any pity. The food and company were both amazing. We also got to witness some unintentional entertainment (something that would be constant on this trip): some high school kids posing for numerous photos out on the river walk. There were snapchats, but none of them were saved.

Afterwards, we walked around looking for somewhere to get a drink. We ended up at Blues Boulevard Jazz as a show was about to begin. We didn’t have to pay the cover because we told them we were just getting a drink then leaving. One drink turned into two, but I think we still were within the spirit of our agreement. The funniest thing that happened here was the bartender ended up giving us these cherries for some strange reason. We were so caught off guard that we just ate them. I’m not sure if they were soaked in alcohol or what… we did not get roofied as far as any of us remember.

We left the jazz bar and decided to check out a roof top bar at the Embassy Suites across from where we were staying (UP on the Roof). At first, it reminded me of various Nashville hotel roof bars. The main difference here was that they had a ton of outdoor space. We found a couch in the corner and posted up for a while. A group of bros showed up and were within eyesight of us. One guy in particular was having a FANTASTIC night and decided to show off his break dancing skills. I was able to get a fantastic snapchat of him falling on his face (first video below).


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