Day 2, Part 1 – South Carolina

Unlike most of my trips, I did not have a whole lot planned for Saturday. I wanted it to be as organic as a trip can be when I’m involved. Based on that, I only setup reservations for brunch. This doesn’t mean we didn’t accomplish much; I had to split this into two pages based on states: South Carolina and North Carolina.

We met up with one of Jennica and Lauren’s friends at Nose Dive. The food was pretty solid, but since I was driving I didn’t truly get to partake in the typical brunch beverages like I’m used to. I was proud of myself (and also made Andrew proud) by ordering the mimosa carafe with the juice on the side (a professional move).

When we finished, we decided to stroll up Main Street and take in a little more of Greenville. Our first stop was Greenville Jerky and Vine. How could we not stop in a kitschy store that specialized in beef jerky and wine. The lady running the place took an opportunity to walk past the ladies to ask me to take her sign outside. I guess she didn’t get the memo on Women’s History Month. We got Andrew a wine stopper, but otherwise we didn’t buy anything else.

Next door was a popcorn store called Poppington’s (clever) that sold us pretty hard on some churro popcorn. We also got some Jolly Rancher style (i.e. red for cherry flavor, blue for raspberry flavor, etc) popcorn for my nephews Elijah and Davion.

Something a little more my style came when we decided to check out Dark Corner Distillery. Jennica and I each did a tasting. As with anything, some was good and some was not so good. Yet again, though, we were convinced to buy local in the form of Whiskey Girl Peach and some mixers. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with those in the near future.

It was time, though, for us to head north towards some cider…


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