Getting that itch

COVID-19 has brought all of our travel to a pause, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking about what we still have planned and everywhere else we want to go. That map surely won't scratch itself.

Here is our plan:

Trip 1 – Atlanta, GA
Somehow we have yet to go to Georgia together. What better time than to catch Jennica’s Cubs play against the Braves in July? It checks a lot of boxes: (1) a new MLB stadium, (2) in a warm weather month, (3) in a new state, and (4) with friends! This day trip will be with our friends Aaron & Katie and who knows maybe we end up at IKEA before coming home…

Trip 2 – Pittsburgh, PA
We planned this August trip originally to see the Hella Mega Tour (Weezer, Green Day, Fallout Boy) in Pittsburgh because our friends Ben & Kaitlin recently moved back to this area. On top of that, my Detroit Tigers will be in town a couple days later to play the Pirates. Yep — another MLB stadium down 🙂 If this looks like it is going to happen, I will likely plan a day trip to Niagara Falls so we can knock out NY & another part of Canada.

This trip is an audible from our original plans to cross off the Pacific Northwest (Michigan at Washington). What changed? Well our friend Jake thought he may celebrate his 30th birthday at the home/season opener for his Nebraska Cornhuskers. Who do they play? Purdue. It’s fate! Jake’s team is 0-2 when watching in person with us, so what could go wrong?! The plan is to knock out Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa:

  • Missouri
    • Fly into St. Louis on Thurs 9/3 in the AM
    • Cardinals/Phillies
    • Drive to Tulsa
  • Oklahoma
    • Dinner/site seeing in Tulsa
    • aka show Jennica all of the places I used to talk about when traveling for work
    • Stay the night
    • Drive to Kansas on Fri 9/4 in the AM
  • Kansas
    • Have lunch in Wichita (The Anchor, duh)
    • Maybe stop in Topeka or Lawrence on the way to Lincoln
  • Nebraska
    • Stay overnight Fri 9/4 & Sat 9/5
    • Dinner/party time in Lincoln
    • Attend Purdue/Nebraska football on Sat 9/5
  • Iowa
    • Head over to Des Moines in time to watch the Iowa Cubs/Omaha Storm Chasers game on Sun 9/6
    • Possibly dinner/overnight in Iowa
  • Missouri? Kansas?
    • Spend time in Kansas City, K/Mo on Mon 9/7
    • Check out Royals/A’s on Monday night
    • Fly out of MCI on Tues 9/8 earrrrlllyyy AM

Trip 4 – Hawaii
I guess it hurts to potentially miss all of the trips, so I suppose it doesn’t matter to try and rate them. This is the most likely to happen, so that’s nice I suppose. The plan is to schedule this over Thanksgiving or for Jennica’s birthday (12/4 like Jay-Z) and visit with Andrew in San Diego on the front end.

What’s wild is we also have plans to go back to San Diego for a wedding (July), to Michigan for Michigan vs Purdue (October), and Florida for a family getaway with Jennica’s side of the family. Those have all been scratched off, though, so they didn’t get highlighted.

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